services + approach

website design

Whether you need a redesign, refresh, or you are launching a brand new business, website design is our specialty. 

Our range is wide including e-commerce set up, personal branding, portfolio, business website, coaching + digital courses, + so much more. 


All website are designed with two versions: one for desktop + one for mobile. This is critical as 80% of web  traffic comes from a mobile device. This comes standard with every website plan + design.

All websites are also set up with Google SEO + key wording  from the day they launch. This sets up your website + business to begin to rank on Google + to populate in organic searches.

Each website design client is then provided a brand kit including colors, fonts + anything else relevant to create a cohesive + effective branding across all digital, print + social media channels.


email marketing + management

social media management

print material design

+ much more.

We have partnered with many other local businesses to offer full range of services including graphic design, photography, + more.


our approach

At Movement Marketing, we do things a little different. We take a personalized approach to each client + project we take on, getting to know you + your business. We take the time to learn about you goals, vision, ideal client, + much more. This enable us to create a custom plan for your business on how to speak to your ideal clients (+ attract them), set your website, social media or email program up for any future needs or integrations, + communicate your brand message through subtle influence.

This technique of infusion brings together your personality +  your brand goals +  enables us to create a website that you not only love, but also offers functionality, high level design, + targets your ideal clients through clean aestheticism.  Our design style focuses on combining traditional design elements with simplicity and minimal design. 

Our process is detailed out below so you know what to expect when working with us. 

We have also included our FREE branding guide that we use to get to know you + your business! 

the design process


The first step is all about getting to know each other. A complimentary consultation is scheduled where we learn about you, your business, your vision + your needs. From there we provide a customized {no commitment} quote detailing out the design elements, price, timeline + more. 


Once you accept the quoted design, we schedule an on-boarding call. This is where we dive in deeper to your business, ideal client, goals, + more. We create a branding packet for you to fill out so we can learn your unique style, taste + design "personality". We then outline each page of your website and provide you a list of needs we require to complete the website design. 


This is where you sit back + our work truly begins. Once all the materials needed are provided we create + complete the design. This is the most time consuming part of the process but the stage where all the magic comes together. 


The design is reveled to you. At this stage you can request any edits, changes or modifications to the design. Once this is complete, we go through the steps of connecting your domain so the website. Once the site is launched we provide training so you have the confidence to manage on your own, however we offer monthly management programs if you choose that is best for your business + schedule.