Created for boutique owners, by a boutique owner.

The Storefront Queen is a 12 week course that is centered around a growth accelerator approach to propelling your business to the next level! We cover topics like mindset + working through the blocks, product + collection development (including planning, buying + launching), marketing + lasting social media strategy and so much more! These  12 weeks of intense, guided and interactive content guaranteed to take you & your business to the next level. Each week features a new topic we dive deep into through a 30-60 minute training, homework to apply or explore the content in relation to you + your business and finally a live call to share the results/thoughts/struggles of the weekly topic! This course is designed to work for in person + online only boutiques!


You had an actual plan to help you scale your storefront faster than you ever thought possible.

You had access to dozens of real resources, tools, knowledge & ideas to implement in your business.

You are in a room (virtually) with other creative entrepreneurs. Creativity ALWAYS breeds creativity.

You had a community of women that provide support, collaboration and truly wanted to see you living out your wildest dreams.

You were able earn the income of your dreams by following your passion and spending your life doing something you love. (talk about feeling fulfilled every day!)

As a shop owner, we wear a million hats every single day. The website designer. The social media marketer. The photographer. The purchaser. The creator. The designer. The strategist. The entire shipping department. Believe me…I get it.

What if you were able to do all of those things with a plan? What if you were able to scale your business through that planning plus tangible tools AND a support system from people who understand what daily life looks like? We are not meant to do business alone. We are just not programed that way.

The Storefront Queen Method was created to give you all the tools you all while providing a vessel for connecting, collaborating and supporting with like-minded business owners. It is like your own personal guide to a six-figure storefront!  

12 video modules with resources, training, tools

12 weekly Group Q & A Calls to deep dive into the weekly topics & any blocks or questions coming up that week.

1 monthly hour one-on-one bonus call with Brandi. This call is all about YOU! You can ask any questions, work through any issues, create any plans, etc. SO 3 of these in the 12 weeks…..AMAZING!

Private access to the Facebook Community, here we can connect, share resources, have mini day challenges + so much more!

More than 10 bonus modules including things like:

Creating a Wholesale Program

The Holy Grail Annual Road Map (worth the price of the course on it’s own!)

Events: Virtual & In-Person

Subscription Options

A discount to Christmas in July- The ultimate 4 week planning course for online shop owners!

& so much more!

View the full list of bonuses here! 


You are not meant to take this journey alone. One of the major benefits of taking this course in the group format is the community. You will spend 12 weeks interacting with people who are in the same position, have the same struggles, share wins with each other…it’s the connection you never knew how much you needed. But even bigger than that, you will be spending 12 weeks in room with other individuals where the creativity will be free-flowing! These 12 weeks will leave you feeling wildly inspired, creative & full of creative energy! It will be life-changing! The group program opens ONCE a year in January for a February start date! If you are interested in the group program, get on the waitlist here to be notified as SOON as it opens! 

This version of the Masterclass opens October 1st, 2021! This course once launched will be available ALL year round! The benefits of the one-on-one option is the super individualized approach to the program! This means every week you have a 90 minute strategy call that is SPECIFIC to just your business, which is juts an incredible value! You will spend 12 weeks with intense focus on your growth, accountability, and developing strategies to implement and see results that much faster! Are you ready to commit? This option is open enrollment and the course starts October 1st! Are you ready to sign up?! Let's go girl! 


We are going to create a foundation for the entire method. Let’s clear your mind, establish your goals, and create a base for all things to come. This week is all about being present and open to all the amazing things that are about to come your way!


Creating a dream life! We are mapping out what this looks like for you! From your schedule to all things business…what does your ideal life look like? I promise it is closer than you think…especially after this week.


First we are defining your dream customer. What problem is your business solving? What amazing and exclusive service or expectations are you providing? We are getting DEEP!  Unlike many other coaches, I don’t believe your audience has to be one-size fits all. For example, you may speak to several segments of people…and that’s OKAY! But what is important is brand cohesion throughout all segments.


This is much more than just colors, fonts, & logos. Learn how to make every aspect of your business feel like YOU, how to create a brand personality, and how to speak (directly & indirectly) to your dream customer.   


As the self-proclaimed planning queen (literally), I could spend all 12 weeks on this topic! However, this is a digestible version! You will complete a time audit, as well deep dive into your planning methods to see if they are working for you, how they can be improved, modified or reorganized completely! This week is FULL of resources to help you get your planning on track & organized.


Get ready to make major money moves. First we are addressing money mindset. Your fears, concerns, guilt around money. This so will change your life, literally. Next, we are getting super clear about your financial goals. We are working backwards- once you acknowledge that amount of money you want, we can make a plan to get there. No more guessing….we’re attracting this money, honey!


We are diving into all things products! This module has a multiple segments to dive into your existing products, see what is working, how to pre-plan collections, and so much more!


We know what your income goals are, so now we make a plan on how to get there! How much to order, how to find new suppliers, when to order holiday products, all of your ordering questions answered!


Creating a launch plan is CRUCIAL to a successful launch..and the best part? You can reuse a successful launch plan over and over, with just a little tailoring! We will be exploring how to promote, plan, execute every launch + so much more!


One of, if not the most important module. This is what is going to set you apart from ALL other businesses. This week is going to be FULL of creativity as you create promotions, events, and celebrations that are on brand with your business! Truly- one of my favorite weeks. This is something that I credit a majority of my success and growth to!


With my background as a website designer for almost 10 years, I could spend a full 12 weeks on this topic too! However, this is the highlight reel. What you need on your site, an organizational plan, a website audit, and design tips are just a FEW of the things you can expect this week.


We are finishing off strong with all things social! Conducting an Instagram audit, connecting the brand feel with the Instagram feel, talking about stories, posting schedules, & so much more! Then we move on to email and how to create an email that people actually want to open! We’re talking all things email, creation, analytics, growing the list, features, and so much more! An email list is something that your business owns…let’s make the most of it!

On top of the amazing content, weekly call, one-on-one calls- we are providing the most amazing bonuses that can be consumed at your own pace! Not all topics may apply to your business but they are all included resources for you to have and use anytime you need!

Brandi’s Annual Planning Calendar 

Decoding Analytics

Creating a Loyalty Group

Launching Wholesale

Creating a Subscription Option

Events: In-Person & Virtual

Planning a Celebration

Monthly Financial Reports

Holiday Planning Masterclass (exclusive discount!)

Whether you choose the group program or the one-on-one, we have two payment options! The pay in full option and a payment plan consisting of 4 payments! 

pay in full

4 payments


one payment


payments due monthly 

Which program?

Making all the moves! Check your email!

Hi, I’m Brandi! The owner of Honey & Home, and creator of The Storefront Queen Method.

I am so excited you are here! The fact that you are here & interested in this method, I know you are my kind of people!  Hard working, passionate about your business, but ready for MORE! And I am ready to give you the tools to make it a reality!

Whether you are just starting your business, or looking to level up, I have been there! From opening/creating an online storefront by myself with ZERO experience to having a six-figure storefront in the second full year, I am ready to share ALL of my experience, knowledge, tools, and all the other things that have grown my business with YOU! This method is going to provide you a tangible and actionable plan to level up your business in more ways than you ever dreamed of.

Solo-preneur isolation is a real thing! Even the most powerful, bad ass woman isn’t meant to do it alone! As an added bonus on top of all of the content this 12 week method provides, it also creates a support system of like-minded people. I have watched the connections formed in groups where people show up open, invested & ready to level up….and I can tell you, you are going to form life long relationships! The support system you never knew you needed.

I can’t wait to take this journey with YOU!